Mia Carvalho

Back in Portugal, Cinema became my biggest passion while studying at Escola Secundária Artística António Arroio (Lisbon, PT), where I specialised in Film and Video Production. Then, it followed a year studying at Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema (National Film and Theatre School), and finally three years at University of Westminster (London, UK) on the Film BA Honours course.


Even though I'm mostly experienced in short films, my background counts with a vast experience in documentary, television, music videos, features, commercials and theatre plays.


Working on every single role on a production have given me a great insight into each one's importance and struggles, allowing me understand better how make films.


In the past years, my focus has been narrowed on Directing, Script Supervision and Screenwriting. These crafts have proven to supplement each other and allowed me the ability to craft a story in a more fruitful manner.


With 15 projects directed, gradually my language as a Writer-Director slides into the veils of existential and experimental neo-noir. Anti-heroes have always been a fascination, hence a recurrent archetype on my work due to their intriguing flaws and moral conflicts. Unconventional stories allow me to explore the human mind and senses with the final goal of thought-provoking and instigate moral questioning about diverse issues that are usually repressed by social norms.